In-es artdesign and the Luna 1/5 / by Brendhan Stowe

Through their creation of lamps and home accessories, In-es.artdesign has embodied the concept of (art) fused with (design). It was started in 2003 by artist and designer Ocilunam. Since then their designs for interiors (in) and exteriors (es) have had a compelling impact on the Italian industrial design scene. Their careful attention to details and materials have resulted in awe-inspiring limited edition collections.

"(In)ternal and (ex)ternal, light and shadow, matter and spirit – all fruit of pure creativity of the soul"-  In-es artdesign

Inspired by the mysterious charm of a full moon, their signature design "Luna" pendant, uses the material Nebulite® to replicate the texture of lunar matter thus creating a beautiful atmospheric light source. It comes in three sizes, 35cm, 50cm and 70cm

Applying these revolutionary concepts we expect In-es.artdesign to receive more and more international recognition in the near future.


In-es.artdesign Srls

t. +39 06 968 40 520

f. +39 06 934 39 63